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Question: What did you learn?

How to send documents (comprehension),
To be more comfortable with computers (confidence),
To learn from others and help others on computers (collaboration),
New technology programs: blogs, email, google sketchup, surveys, etc. (competency)
How to send emails (communication),

Question: Thank-you for coming to this program!! Can suggest anyway that Maureen could improve the afterschool technology program?


No i can’t think of any because it was so much fun to do anything different. I definately would come to this any other time that it starts. I hope that i can do this again. I hope that this program will always be this fun.

don’t change it



make it all school year


I can not think of anything because it was so well done! If any ideas it would be to add new things to the computer class.

Question: What three words would you use to describe the afterschool Technology Program?

fun amusing enjoyable
fun, awsome, cool
awesome, fun and super fun.
fun learn computers
fun great super
amazing, fun, educational
very fun can be boring
educational,fun and different
Interesting, educational, cool
fun cool super


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Techmobeel to the Rescue!

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