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My son came home excited about what he was learning. He instantly PEI Afterschool Technology Programwent to the computer and showed me what he had learned. I was impressed with his new skills and the fact that he could learn to use these tools so fast. He is now using these new skills and tools daily and having fun doing so. Thank you Maureen for exposing our children to new tools that will help them today and in their futures.

The after school technology program was awesome for our daughter.  It will definitely be a great asset as she progresses to Junior High next  year. Maureen is engaging and leading edge in today’s technology world!

While A**** is still young, he thoroughly enjoyed the program. He has learned and used new skills which he will build on in the future. The more knowledge and comfort level he acquires will prepare him for the future

“T*** quite enjoyed the program and would definitely participate again.

Many thanks and yes, please do let me know when you are doing this again. ”

“Great opportunity for our children to learn about technology and how they can use it in school.

Would like to see this offered again to students. It could be a part of the curriculum.”

Z*** thoroughly enjoyed the program. It was so great for him to learn all these new things and take them home to share with us. We learned a few things too!

My son was very excited to go to the program every week. He loved it and couldn’t wait to use the computer at home each Monday to practice what be learned that day.

The program opened the door for new hands on experience using a computer…using it for something other than a video game. It gave my child the opportunity to open his mind a bit to what he is capable of.
Great program. My son throughly enjoyed it and was asking when there would be another session. It was an excellent way for him to develop new skills from which he will certainly benefit.

My son tried out all the “stuff” you taught in the program, google sketch up as the favourite. Way to go, Moe!

M** seemed to enjoy the activities every week.

“Liked the occasional feedback on the sessions and liked how I was kept in the loop on projects. While there was an extra workload, it was not onerous and time-consuming in a busy day.

M**** really gained confidence in using computers and is now much more comfortabhle trying to figure things out on her own.”
“I thought this program was a great idea for kids to get more involved in what computers can do besides play games :)


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